Sunday, July 21, 2013

Just Not My Week

My friend and I who I actually valued as a sister, are fighting. It sucks because she is treating me like shit but won't come and talk to me like I have been trying to initiate. A twitter fight broke out and she said something very hurtful about my boyfriend and I. It said, "Sorry I don't have a relationship through alcohol." I was very hurt. I think at this point I want to forgive her and forget her. I was planning on bringing her clothes and belongings to her house and try and tell her what she said was uncalled for. I could easily break her and her boyfriend up because of dirt I know that her boyfriend said. I just have to believe I am bigger than that, and I can survive without friends rather than with a shitty one like her. As far as I am concerned, she is dirt under my feet. Anyways, sorry about the ranting I am just so angry.

I will sure post about what happens as this all goes down.
So long for now

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